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Berry College Men's Lacrosse
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Format & Rules

  • 7 field players  (2 mids, 2 Attack, 2 Defense, and a Goalie). Minimum of 10 players and a maximum of 18.
  • Every team is guaranteed at least 4 games.
  • Each team needs a team manager or coach, age 18 or older out of High School, on their sidelines at all times.
  • Faceoff at the beginning of each half. After a goal the goalie will start with the ball and will wait until the referee blows the whistle.
  • Attack & Defensive players must be at GLE to start all face-offs.
  • Games will be approximately 20 min running halves with Certified referees.
  • Each team has a 1 minute time out per game. Game time runs during TO until 3 minutes left in the game.  No TO's in final 3 mins.
  • In the event of the tie, a Braveheart will be used to determine the winner.  Championship game will use 3 minute overtimes until a winner is declared.  There will be no break in between overtimes and no timeouts.
  • In a braveheart, If a technical foul is called then the player will receive the ball at midfield (after the current play is over) with the defender starting 5 yards away.  If a personal foul is called then there will be a free shot with the ball starting at midfield.  If there is no goal the play will be immediately stopped and a faceoff will be taken.  There are no substitutions allowed during a braveheart.  The Goalie cannot cross midline.
  • Personal fouls will result in the substitution of the offending player and a fast break. No time served.
  • 4 goal rule.  If a team is down by 4 or more they will get the ball after any goal at midfield.
  • There will be no stick checks but the referee may perform them as needed.
  • All players must wear full equipment.
  • Only 3 Long Poles will be allowed on the field at all times.
  • All substitutions must occur on the fly.
  • The playing field will be approximately 70 x 40 yards.
  • Body checking is permitted; however, no take-out checks are permitted by any player. A take out check is defined as any check in which the player lowers his head or shoulder with the force and intent to put the other player on the ground.  Players may make contact in an upright position within 3 yards of the ball.
  • Goalie may go over, but must be replaced.
  • Fighting may result in game and tournament disqualification.
  • Teams allowing non-roster or disqualified players to play will forfeit their game. If you have multiple teams, registered players can only play for one team.
  • Referee can call stalling if he feels one team is deliberately stalling. Result is change of possession.
  • Certified Athletic Trainer on site.